Stand The Gaff - to endure adversity in stride.

There exists an opportunity to bring a story to life that is meant to plant a seed for healing and perhaps help ease the mental anguish that is a byproduct of war.

In the spirit of truly independent film, Stand the Gaff is meant to be a gift to the people that serve this country, an opportunity to deliver an eloquent social message in a timely and thought provoking way.

In the vein of Life Is Beautiful, this film deals with tough subject matter, employing humor and grace to shed light on veteran issues while working to brige the gap between civilian and soldier.

Stand the Gaff weaves its way into our hearts by capturing the iconic image of the American cowboy, reminding us of a simpler time, a less complicated way of life, only to collide with present day America, exploring the old and the new clashing together to create a new state of clarity, a new understanding of the human condition.  A new perspective to move forward from where we may be stuck.

Utilizing nuanced performances, and creating a grass roots country western soundtrack, this story will seep deep into your bones, only to punch you in the gut with a surprise ending.

With subtle humor and heartwarming heroism, this film shows how a new perspective can make extraordinary things possible when you “Stand the Gaff.” ~ Renata Green-Gaber